I currently have a Windows 7 base sysprep (Have several powershell scripts after imaging that name the PC based on service tag, puts the computer in domain, and installs the Zenworks agent at the end of the scripts)

Now I have application bundles I want to insert into base image. Have created the addon image file through ZCM for the bundle and inserted it into a preboot bundle with my base image as a Linked Application Bundle. The order in the actions is as follows:
Zenworks Image
Linked Application Bundle
Linked Application Bundle
The two bundles are also directly added to the devices relationship I am trying to image. I have verified that the application bundle image files are on the zenworks PXE imaging server in the correct add-on folder as per the Novell documentation.

The addon images are not being inserted during the imaging process. We are using Zenworks 11.2.4 and PXE booting to image. The computer images fine with no visible error messages. However the applications are not installed after the imaging process is complete.

I have read some really old posts about the agent must be installed in the base image, or you can make the folder structure for the Zenwork installed in base image. The zenworks agent is installed after the imaging process in powershell scripts because we want the computer to name itself automatically and be put in domain so that it is named correctly before the Agent installs and registers.

Any ideas on what I am missing?