Good morning all,
I have started moving users to Caching mode on our system, (150+ users across 3 PO's). This has made a huge difference to our network speed and the stability of GroupWise.
However it presents a problem when users connect to Terminal Servers when working remotely.
Currently I am forcing Caching Mode via GroupWise Admin, but would like to get to the situation where if they are connecting via TS box that GroupWise loads in Online mode and if they are logged into their Work Station that GroupWise loads in Caching mode.
I thought I could do this via start-up switches, so using Zenworks specify if OS = Win 7 then use Caching "C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe" /pc and if OS = 2008 then use Online mode. But I having tried I realise I probably need to specify the Caching path.
Has anybody else run into this issue, or have a work around?