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Thread: Targetting specific users with password policy

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    Question Targetting specific users with password policy


    We are trying to implement a new password policy to our users instead of the one applied in the user creation process.

    We would like to apply this policy to our regional OU ( Organizational unit ) but we are not to sure if this will cause other problems because we have some system account in the OU containers.
    ex :
    novlxsrvd, novlxregd, NWCon, OESCommonProxy_oes11-server, GUEST, NFAUUser, wwwrun, SERVERadmin etc.

    Is there any way to apply the policy with some user account exclusions ?

    Since we can't apply password policies to groups or dynamic groups i don't know how to achieve this.

    We don't want to have to add users to the password policy every time we create a new one...

    Any idea ?

    Thank you
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