I have setup a OES2015 SP1 cluster with two nodes (both oes2015 SP1).
I installed NSS-AD and joined the MS Domain (Windows 2012 R2) and see both nodes in AD.
I created a cluster resource pool with one NSS-AD volume and joined it to the domain and see in in the AD domain.

I have a AD user (Windows 10, no Novell Client) who has a folder on the cluster resource.

The issue I am seeing is the AD user can not access the folder from the cluster resource, but can access it on the cluster node that is running the cluster resource.

When the user browses to the cluster resource they get prompted for authentication and can not access the resource. When the user browses to the cluster node, the volumes show and the user can browse to the folder on the NSS-AD volume as expected.

Is there any tricks to get cluster resources to work with NSS-AD?