With eDir 9.0.1 now being supported, I wanted to confirm the install

The documentation states: "You can only upgrade Identity Manager 4.5.4
with eDirectory 8.8.8 Patch 8 or later to eDirectory 9.0.1"

So If I want to use eDirectory 9.0.1 for a brand new install (not an
upgrade), I must first install 888sp8 with 4.5. Then patch to 4.5.4.
Then I can upgrade to 9.0.1, correct? I cannot install 9.0.1 and then
install IDM 4.5 and patch to 4.5.4, right?

Any thoughts on eDir 9? I have a customer with close to a million users
that we will be importing via a JDBC driver. I figure the containerizing
of attributes and replica synchronization improvements would be great
reasons for using eDir 9. Any downsides and why to stay 8.8.8?


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