I was finally able to get a Vibe test server up and running and am starting to kick the tires which is bringing up some questions about Vibe usability that I'm hoping to find some answers on since right now my testing environment consists of 2 people. Since I'm going through the Vibe website and support documentation, my questions might be all over the place since I'm trying to try a little of everything to get a feeling for Vibe rather than taking one concept to completion before moving to the next. Here we go...

The first thing that I noticed is that my landing pages are sort of sparse and that there is a library of templates out there. Whenever I try to import one they keep erroring out saying that "A name is required." I'm not sure if this has to do with most of the templates seem to be written for Vibe 3.x and I'm running 4.x, but team page customization will be something that we would be interested in, does anyone have an idea about what I'm missing when trying to import these templates?

What happens if 2 users update a document at the same time in Vibe? Are each version saved as a separate version? When the first person hits save, does the second person receive notification that the document has been updated? Does it have Filr type conflict resolution? Is there a way to collaborate live similar to Google docs where the team can sign into a portal and view edits as they take place?

I did briefly turn on GroupWise integration before a couple of users decided to poke at things on their own and crash their clients, but I think I may not understand the GW and Vibe integrations. I did connect to Vibe from within GW and my personal workspace came up immediately, but I had to click on it and log in for my testing team to appear. Even after that when I moved an email to the team folder there was poor feedback and I couldn't tell that the message was in Vibe. If I recall the GW client changed to the Vibe folder structure and the main body/html window gave a fairly generic "unable to connect" type of message. I did read that SSO with GW and Vibe is only possible with Access Manager, would this be recommended should we proceed with Vibe? Also, with the email that I moved to Vibe, it would appear in the web interface, but it did not appear in the desktop application, is this normal for email?

Continuing with Vibe and GW, how is the calendar function in Vibe supposed to work? I had to shut integration down before I had a chance to test this and when I did test it I wasn't even sure that integration was working, but I'm under the impression that an appointment can be created in a team's calendar and it is supposed to get emailed to the individual team member's GW calendar, is this correct or does it integrate in some other way?

That is all of my questions for now. At my initial glance I was ready to write Vibe off because I was expecting something to piggyback off of existing systems, which when I saw how it really worked my first impression was "why make more work to do what we're already doing" but when I dug in a little more and realized that Vibe isn't meant to continue doing what we've been doing things started to click and I've been warming up to it and seeing potential.