I see in the ZCM Control server under "ZENworks News Alerts" that there were a series of technical Webinars in 2015 (Introducing the ZENworks Community Techinal Webinars schedule for the rest of 2015!). Also I tried to view the ZENworks Roadmap Community Technical Webinar. In both cases, after putting in my name and email, I was redirected to sadmin.brightcove.com and then I get a mostly blank page with a copyright for Citrix Systems at the bottom. I tried both IE and Chrome browsers. Is there somewhere I can view these webinars? Do these links still work?

Also, the "Updated ZENworks 2016 Preview Available" link takes me to a Web page for ZENworks 2017 Technical Preview Registration but then the video is labeled ZENworks 2016 Preview Program. I'm confused. Is this for 2016 or 2017?