Hello ~

I have a custom PRD that gets fired when a new Role is created.
Basically it has 15 separate approvals that go to 15 separate
application admins to get the security for their application. Depending
on what they select on the approval form, this gets assigned to the new
role. This is all working great.

I also have the 15 approvals going to the IDM Administrator. When using
the newer landing/MyTask, they all show up with the same name, which is
the name of the PRD. They cannot figure out which one is for which
application, without opening each one.

When looking at the older IDMProv/WorkDashBoard/Task Notifications the
name is showing up as the Approval form name, and then in the another
column (Request) which is the name of the workflow.

Is there a way to display a custom name created within the workflow?


Is there a way to change the landing/MyTask to display the Approval Form
Name, and not the PRD name, or both like in the
IDMProv/WorkDashBoard/Task Notifications?
The only other think I could think of is to have the new role PRD fire
off 15 separate workflows, but that does not seem to logical.


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