We have ZCM 11.3. I have a new Lenovo 11e laptop here that we are trying to do imaging with. It has a total of 4 partitions (1=100MB Win95/FAT32, 2=128MB Microsoft Reserved Partition, 3=NTFS Windows OS installed, 4=NTFS Lenovo recovery partition)

I just want to upload the partition with the Windows OS on it only. I am using the command img -mp hs11e-test.zmg -ip=<ipofserver> -include=3 It flashes to the blue progress screen like it is going to start but then pops back to the img prompt screen and says Operation successful after 1 second. It obviously was not successful as it should take longer to upload a 109GB partition.

Is there something that I am doing wrong here to get just this one partition to upload?