We find ourselves in an awkward state of transition, and need to run the GroupWise 8 client along-side of pre-installed Office/Outlook 2016. The Groupwise client crashes with a fault module of MSMAPI32.dll. I've tried to emulate the MAPI/Mail/Address Book settings that are working on other non-Office 2016 workstations, but to no avail. The Mail setup in Control Panel does not want to completely cooperate I assume based on the pre-existing Outlook 2016 install.

Now, neither the GroupWise client nor the Outlook 2016 client will run I presume because of the conflict of the GroupWise client install. Actually, in some instances the GroupWise client and Notify feature will run fine until it's time to create a new piece of mail, or open the Address Book. This crashes every time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.