I have been attempting to resolve a install issue with the 2014 client versions. I have attempted to follow the install instructions within the documentation for ZCM and end up getting errors that the client's install location is missing a large number of files. This would be running the Install.bat file after the software has been extracted.

I also attempted to run the setup.exe file with the /S /v/qb which will finish installing but then spits out an error that the mail program isn't registered with the system and could not launch. I also get an error stating the VCRUNTIME140.dll file is missing.

I can run the install from the extracted files manually and have no issues with the install and GroupWise Client seems to be working as expected. The issues is the automated / unattended install process. I have had this issue with each version I have attempted to deploy from 2014, 2014R2, 2014R2HP1, and now 2014R2SP1.

I am sure I have something set wrong but can't seem to find it. ZCM is set to run each process either as system user or as a dynamic administrator so the install should have all the rights it would need. Also I have attempted the install process using the automated process but done outside of ZCM and get the same results.