We are suffering some issues with the OSP on a UserApp 4.5 deployment.
The IDM Applications were deployed on a WebSphere, the OSP and
SSPR on the default Tomcat web app and a Red Hat for the OS.
We made all the post installations tasks by the documentation and we
don't have any error on the WebSphere or Tomcat log. The issue appears
when we log into the IDMProv. The login is presented on the Websphere
9080 port and then we are redirected to the OSP on tomcat where the
following error appears: "Error: An invalid OAuth2 request was
received.". All the configuration items seems to be correctly done, as
we already did some of them but using Tomcat only.

A Summery of the configupdate:

Server A
- Red Hat
- eDirectory
- iManager
- IDM 4.5

Server B
- Red Hat
- IBM WebSphere Application Server, - Build Number: cf061521.02

- Tomcat 7.0.55 - PostgreSQL 9.3.4 (default setup)
- Identity Applications

Summery of the

Identity Vault Server: ip_serverA
LDAP port: 389
Secure LDAP port: 636
Use Public Anonymous Account: Yes
Secure administration connection: no
Secure User Connection: no

Authentication pane:

OAuth server host identifier: ip_serverB
OAuth server TCP port: 8080

SSO Clients pane:
OAuth client ID: rbpm
URL link to dash pane: /dash
OSP OAuth redirect URL:

-RBPM Option
OAuth client ID: ualanding
URL link to dash pane: /landing
OSP OAuth redirect URL: http://IP_serverB:9080/IDMProv/oauth

-Self Service Password Options
OAuth client ID: sspr
OSP OAuth redirect URL: http://IP_serverB:8080/sspr/public/oauth

Attached are the websphere, tomcat, osp logs and a screenshot of the
error. We are kind of lost as we tried many ways and we still can't make
the OSP work with the websphere/tomcat configuration. Can anyone give us
a clue on this?
Many thanks.

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