Is there support or an option to configure IDM 4.5 UA to use a clustered
Oracle 12C environment using the Oracle Service Name and not the SID?

We installed IDM 4.5 from the latest ISO on a Windows Server 2012 server
with Tomcat and the latest ojdbc7.jar file but during the install if we
entered the Service Name the database connection would fail. Only after
pointing the installer to a single Oracle node and the specific SID were
we able to complete the install. This is fine and dandy for
non-production environments but would like to have Production UA point
to a clustered Oracle VIP using the Serivce Name to ensure HA
capabilities. Is there a patch that we can install to do this, a new
different jdbc jar file we need to do this or some post-install manual
configuration to do this? We have pointed UA to clustered MSSQL servers
before so I would think it would be possible for Oracle but apparently
the Service Name and not the SID is the common identifier that connects
the nodes in a cluster. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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