Hi Forum,
This is the situation:
I add a line in pxemenu.txt :
“option = execute ; "Apply default XXXX sysprep images" ; "Apply default XXX sysprep images" ;pxelinux.0 ; z_lomb.cfg”

z_lomb.cfg contain following append line :
append 5 initrd=boot\initrd mode=2 rootimage=/root install=tftp://$PXESERVER/boot splash=silent vga=0x314 tftptimeout=50 $KERNEL_PARMS IMGCMD="img-fuji-dell.s"

and “img-fuji-dell.s” is a bash script imaging device a specific way.
This was working well in 11.3.2.

Now I upgraded to 11.4.2 and I have an error message “
/bin/imaging.s: line 27: img-fuji-dell.s: command not found
ZENworks imaging failed with error:127

It is very difficult to debug because the error message pops out a few seconds, then reboot the device…
Any other method to debug/analyze ?