uaadmin authentication shows blank page for /landing. For the /IDMProv
it only takes you to the administration page. Can't manage RR or get to
the other pages. I can get to dash... I did notice that the uaadmin had
a role assigned, so I removed it by removing the rfl attributes.

I have tried a lot with no success so far.

I have checked that the gcv history is cleared and browsed to where the
uaadmin is, ( and the also set the users and groups
field. Set to data for the user and groups.

I have tried going into config update afterwards and having it
reinitialize security.

I haven't seen any specific errors other than IDMRPT not being available
to uaadmin in catalina.out. account can see landing, dash, workspace, etc as a
normal user would.

Any definitive docs out there on addressing this? I haven't found one


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