After upgrading iManager I noticed that all custom code in iManager with
check boxes evaluates differently. All true/false checkboxs attributes
that are not set on users/groups now get evaluated as NULL. All drivers
that process these users/groups see the attribute as a change with a
value as False first time through. A once none nonexistent t/f
attribute is now set to false on all objects once any other attribute is
touched by the new iManager version. On a mod of the same user/group the
t/f attribute is set to false so iManager does not send a false to

Some business logic does hit when, if x changing to false is used

We are thinking of populating all existing objects t/f attributes with
false and also set on new creates but this feels like kludge!

Why would iManger have changed the way it interprets t/f checkboxs?
Any ideas on a fix?


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