I have a request form that has a select box (static list).
The select box values are populated in an onload event for that field that calls IDVault.globalQuery for the list of options.
I have a DNLookup field that has an onchange event.
In the DNLookup onchange event I want to change the value of the static list to be the value returned from an attribute of
the object selected in the DNLookup field.

If I use setValues (choosing to keep old values) it just moves the value to the last in the list but doesn't select it.
If I use IDVault.get and specify the form field I lose the other options in the field.

I think I need a .select method, but it appears that can't be called from a different field.
I'm just need a nudge in the right direction. I want to select a value from the static list based on the value of a user
object from a different field's event. Am I crazy? (probably)

Will Schneider

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