Hi Guys,

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue we have with our DCS Driver and
Associated User App Role associations...

For some reason I was having issues disassociating a Group (Position
Group) and user from specific entitlements granted via a Role / resource
pair... despite this particular user not being part of the Position
Group.. the entitlements were still being applied to the user...

There were 2 position groups affected B00097 and B00079, so in an
attempt to start clean I decided to delete the 2 position groups and
allow the Text Delimited Driver & DCS driver recreate the Position
Groups.. as per normal process...

Unfortunately I get this error from the DCS Publisher channel:
<description>Unable to process [add] event from DCS driver; Object DN:
cn=b00079,ou=groups,o=data, Structural class: groupOfUniqueNames,
Reason: Associated object already exists in database with GUID:
<module>Data Collection Service Driver</module>
No object name provided.

How do I remove / clear the existing object to allow a recreation?

Kind regards

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