I am troubleshooting an issue but when I went to iManager to check the
status of the driver, all the drivers in the vault have no icon and a
yellow question mark for the status that shows "Driver state is unknown"
in the bubble if I hover my mouse over the question mark. I did a quick
search and it suggested clearing the browser cache but that did not
help. I get it on the replica as well but not on my 2 auth tree boxes. I
recently updated iManager to 2.7.7 if that makes a difference but I
didn't have any issue as far as that is concerned with this or any other
box. I also get the issue with iManager workstation, so I don't think
the issue is with iManager itself but with the engine. I restarted ndsd
but it didn't help. We are on 4.0.2 (in the process of upgrading) and on
RHEL 6.5. Any ideas?

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