Hi All,

Management have decided to move the company away from Groupwise to Office 365 for emails.

We have an issue where we need to run both Groupwise (currently 2012 sp2 on OES) and Office 365 systems concurrently using the same internet domain.
This would be easy, however management don't want to migrate any existing mailboxes over, they want to start fresh and require the GW mailboxes to be available for 12 months or so for users to get access to their old mail.

We have decided to do this is a staged approach so we need to be able to send emails between the two systems.

Could you please help with a way to set this up so that emails from the people on GW can be sent to people in O365. I've tried to create a new GW domain and move the test user into this domain. When I try this Groupwise is either sending the email to the users mailbox, or generating an undeliverable message.

Thank you for your help.