I'd like to create own notification collections for several drivers,
because they need to use different mail servers.

I was able to create a new collection object (objectClass:
notfTemplateCollection) with ldapadd using the "Default Notification
Collection" object as a template.
I then moved some templates to the new collection and referenced them in
my driver.
It seems that the driver was able to use these templates, but I was not
able to import my custom collection into Designer (

So my question is: Is that a supported solution? Can I do it that way,
oder shouldn't I?

If I shouldn't:
Is there a way to tell the "do-send-email-from-template" action, which
server it should use?

For example I can use
"<arg-string name="from">
<token-global-variable name="sendFrom"/>
to replace the value of notfSMTPEmailFrom.

Is there an arg-string I could set to replace the value of

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