Hi All,

I'm currently running a mostly successful evaluation of Filr 2.0, and everything is working as expected other than a slight issue with deleting files.

This seems to be intermittent, and not immediately reproducible (although it's possible that it's not reproducible simply because I've been unable to narrow down the exact circumstances under which it occurs)

The issue occurs with Net Folders, when try to delete a file from the local Filr directory. Most of the time this works as it should, viz. I delete the local copy, and within a few seconds the change is mirrored on the network share, and the file is gone from both locations.

However, every so often the process seems to 'break'. By this, I mean that I delete the local copy, then within a few seconds the change is mirrored on the network share just as before, BUT then if I refresh the local Net Folder for that directory, the deleted file (or perhaps just the meta-data) is still present. The synchronization process is definitely working because it disappears from the network share. But I'm left with what appears to be a copy of the file in the local version of the Net Folder from which it was deleted, and can't seem to get rid of it. Re-syncing doesn't help, nor does manually deleting the 'file'.

If I try to open the file, I get a permissions error stating that the 'user does not have access privileges". If I try to drag the file out of that folder (to any other folder), I get a permissions error stating "You need permission from DOMAIN\username to perform this action" or words to that effect. It specifies my own user account, which was used to both create and delete the file. Right clicking on the file and viewing permissions shows that the appropriate permissions are indeed present. Sometimes the error message will be "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file".

What should my next troubleshooting step be? Currently I'm running version

Thanks to all!