This morning I made gw upgrade from 2014 R2 HF1 to gw2014 r2 sp1. Client 14.2.1 Build 124014
On my desktop (Windows7 SP1 Prof.) some mails crashs the client on opening. Groupwise must be terminated by Task-Manager.
The mails are coming from my backup server, containing the reports of the job.

The client was completely uninstalled, the registry cleaned. The I made complete fresh installation.
This don't fix this issue.

Test with mails including the reports subject works, also larger mails. I suppose, that the size of the textbody is the problem.
Opening these mails with webaccess is no problem.

From the eventlog:
Eventname: AppHangTransient
Answer: Not available
CAB-Datei-ID: 0

P1: grpwise.exe
P3: 577545e8
P4: unknown
P5: unknown
P6: unknown
P7: unknown

Is there a solution for this issue or should I open a SR?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards

Dirk Emmermacher