I have a complex matching policy. I would like to send email
notifications that contain specifics as to what rule was being processed
for the current action being taken. If possible it would also be nice to
include the description of the rule / policy. This would help not having
the description data of the rule provide a background of information as
to what is expected.

Matching rule 4 has the name: Matching rule fn, ln, zip, phone.

If a match is found on rule 4 but not the prior rules, there may be an
issue with inconsistent data and so I want to send an email alert to the
authoritative system for them to be notified with as much information as
possible. I would not only include the error.do-find-matching-object,
but also would include operational attributes that would help. As the
description and rule name would help the person receiving the email know
what logic was performed when it failed, it would be nice to grab this
programmatically rather than having to set local variables with static


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