I am planning the upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0, clustered system (2 filr, 2
search, 1 mysql, 1 nfs).

After reading the Release Notes and Upgrade guide two questions remain:

1. I understand that I have to upgrade search and mysql before filr, and
only one filr at a time. But can I upgrade search and mysql at the same
time? I'm asking because it's said that database upgrade might take a long

2. I don't understand "Rolling Back the Shared Storage Location /vashare"

/vashare is on the nfs sever - how does adding a port number to the search
appliances adresses roll back /vashare?

Should I do this on the new (failed) Filr appliances or on the old ones
after powering up? Does not make sense to me - what am I missing?