Just want to add the connection from Eclipse 4.6 to the sentinelserver 7.4.2.
Added all passwords into the field and proceed.
All jars are ok, but the test of the connection fails:

[scp] Receiving file: /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/jetty/webapps/ROOT/siemdownloads/auth.login
[scp] Receiving: auth.login : 779
[scp] File transfer time: 0,01 Average Rate: 77.900,0 B/s
[scp] done
[echo] Performing connection test...please wait...
[echo] (This test will take approximately 1 minute... But may take up to 5 minutes if the test fails with a connection timeout.)
[java] Java Result: 1
[echo] Fehler: Hauptklasse com.novell.reports.jasper.data.event.ConnectionChe ck konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden
[echo] ERROR: Unable to successfully create a connection to Return code: 1

The class " com.novell.reports.jasper.data.event.ConnectionChe ck " could not be found.
How to add and fix this?