I would like to start by saying that English is not my main language so sorry for the mistakes or choice of words. thank you for your understanding!
I currently have only 1 primary server on Suse SLE10 with version 11.3.1.
I want to upgrade to the rencently version so I add a new primary server on Windows 2012 R2. I install the version 11.3.0 with the .iso file, the installation completed succesfully, but the server are at the version 11.3.0.
Now, I want to upgrade it with the section System Updates. So I assign the update 11.3.1 at my new server, and select it and do "Refresh devices" i got this error message: The quick task could not be created. The selected objects do not contain any devices to act upon.

So when I click on my server, the Zenworks Agent Status is : Unable to connect to the agent service through the IP Address or DNS. But, the replication is 100%, I can see bunble on the new server. I can ping the new server (ip and DNS name) from the old server. Where is my error, and how can I update my new primary server to the version 11.3.1?
Thank you so much for any help