IDM 4.5.4 engine and web apps (Tomcat, PostGres) all on Red Hat linux.

Was working, now uaadmin cannot login, gets a URL of:

Catalina.out is telling me:
2016-08-11 11:31:03,127 [http-bio-8443-exec-2] ERROR
com.netiq.idm.auth.oauth.OAuthServlet- [RBPM] OAuth server login failed.
Error code returned was

All accounts.

osp log at TRACE level looks like it correctly searches, finds the user
and then next line is the same error, access_denied

SSPR was 3.2 with OSP 6.0.03, but I upgraded SSPR to and no joy,
same issue.

Gettinga 5071 when I try to login to SSPR. Thus the check for latest OSP
and latest SSPR. No joy.

Any thoughts?

SSPR Revs (older then upgraded version)
2016-08-11 11:51:23,593 [SSPR-1F2E7FF9732834-ContextManager timer] INFO
password.pwm.PwmApplication- SSPR v3.2 b61 r38380 open for bidness! (482ms)

2016-08-11T15:37:49Z, INFO , pwm.PwmApplication, SSPR v3.3.1.5 b160
r38861 open for bidness! (112ms)

OSP rev:
Starting initialization of device 9ce7735b-21f9-4228-a472-3f6d9a4d2747
using server version: 6.0.0 r3 February 4 2016 11:10:49