I am upgrading an IDM solution running on SLES, from version 4.0.2 to
4.5.4. The customer would very much like to keep their running

The IDM 4.0.2 solution is running on JBoss, and IDM 4.5 runs on Tomcat.
So a new installation is needed.

I have exported the Postgres database with PGAdmin -> Chose backup and
then plain and insert as options.

I then uninstalled IDM from the UA server, with the uninstaller.

Then i installed the Tomcat and Postgres from the IDM 4.5 media.

Then I imported the backup from the old Postgres database, like so:

/opt/netiq/idm/apps/postgres/bin/psql -h x.x.x.x -d dbname -U
adminusername -f idmuserappdbplaininsert

This gives a lot of errors, like below:


psql.bin:idmuserappdbplaininsert:14670: ERROR: constraint "fk_hndls_rgstry" for relation "portalportlethandles" already exists
psql.bin:idmuserappdbplaininsert:14680: ERROR: constraint "fk_perms_accessrts" for relation "securitypermissions" already exists
psql.bin:idmuserappdbplaininsert:14690: ERROR: constraint "fk_process_model" for relation "afprocess" already exists
psql.bin:idmuserappdbplaininsert:14700: ERROR: constraint "fk_prodreg_prod" for relation "portalproducerregistry" already exists
psql.bin:idmuserappdbplaininsert:14710: ERROR: constraint "fk_prv_cd_lbl" for relation "provisioning_code_map_label" already exist


Now I don't know if that is bad, but I would think so. I would think
that some tables have been changed in the new Postgres version, and the

After installing the actual UA and upgrading it all to IDM 4.5.4 and log
into /IDMProv and look at the running workflows, they are actually
there, but if I click one of them, the actual form is gone.

Now I don't know if this approach is correct, but from what i read,
there is no real supported way of getting keeping your running
workflows. You are supposed to just start new ones, when the new server
is up. The problem is that the customer has many, many, many workflows.

Has anyone successfully done something like this, and how?

Thanks in advance,


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