I am upgrading from 14.0.2 to 14.2.1 (SLES 11 SP4) and have a problem when I import new accounts from AD.

I have a primary domain, PRIDOM, and a secondary domain, SECDOM1, both running on the same server. I have another secondary domain, SECDOM2, running on its own server. SECDOM1 has post office PO1 and SECDOM2 has post office PO2. My GW client (14.0.2) uses ngwnameserver with resolves to PO1 under SECDOM1.

When I import a new account, "fred", from AD into PO2, the GW client is unable to log in "fred", returning the error: "User ID "fred" is not found". If I change the GW client to point to PO2, "fred" is able to log in.

If I move "fred" from PO2 to PO1 and, then, back to PO2, "fred" is subsequently able to log in with the GW client pointing to ngwnameserver. When "fred" is imported into PO1, there are no problems.

We had no problems like this with 14.0.2.

My experience with GW is, regrettably, limited but it seems that PRIDOM is not being updated when I add an account in SECDOM2.

Any help or suggestions for additional troubleshooting is appreciated.