I've grown tired of having to stand on my head and spit nickels to get my Linux ZENworks server updated and patched to get all the new driver updates and PRUs installed so I've decided to replace it with a windows server. I've gotten it mostly completed, both are up to the same support pack level (11.2.4). I'm having problems withe database though, on the install on the windows server it never asked me about installing a database so now I'm trying to install an external database. I'm running the setup off the install disk with the -0 flag. All goes well until I get to the page that asks for the installation directory which I leave the default and I get and error popup saying select a valid path, the specified directory does not seem to have any database files. Given this a new database I wouldn't expect to be any database files in there. I've tried copying the backup files I created when I backed up the existing database on the Linux server in there and I get a little bit further, It asks me for the database name and credentials which I provide having run zman dgc on the linux server. But it then tell me the credentials are invalid and I'm stuck there. Have I missed a step somewhere in the process? Or is this not possible?