Hello all,

Since our ruling source of info (Banner) now seems to allow diacritic characters, I find I am getting userids created with them, because our IDM system wasn't looking to "convert" them. And some systems are of course unhappy with this.

I don't know if this is a character set issue? Like, should I change the character set inside this policy? but I don't want it to put in something weird or drop the character altogether because it's not in the character set.

If I want to replace these characters with their closest a-z equivalent, using a regex, would it be better to use a bunch of replacement regex expressions piled together?

for example, replace any of these

\u00E8 \u00E9 \u00EA \u00EB etc

with "e"

Is this going to be costly in terms of processing? At least I would be working with only lower case, so that cuts down on the number of replacements.

Thanks for any help -
Karla B
RegExing in MA, USA

ps I can't believe someone hasn't already coded such a thing. (It would be nice if IDM had a function built in to do this, like, e.g., php does!)