hi there,

using edir 8.8.6 and idm 4.0.2, loads of ad-drivers (different domains,
not a organised in a tree/forest and 10 delimited-text drivers. plan to
upgrade to edir 9.latest and idm 4.5.<latest> around end of
2016/beginning of 2017.

since packages are around for some time and i did not bother to look
into them i did now (documentation and geoffs articles and playing
around with them. i see the potential for companies designing drivers
for other companies and updating themm on a more or less regular basis,
still, i can not see a huge benefit for a place like ours.
if i need a new delimited-text driver, i export one of the others,
import it and modify xml-code. using policies in a library as much as
possible. introducing the new complexity of packages seems just not
justified in my opinion.

but i might just look at the topic too conservatively. anyone has
striking arguments why i should consider introducing them (before
letting them slip from my mind for the next few years)?

thanks for your input, florian.

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