We have updated our IDM platform form 4.0.2 to 4.5.4. We have been using
the ndsbackup utility to backup eDirectory objects for certain time and
it has worked so far without fault. Since we moved to the 4.5.4 version,
some recurrent problems have shown up and we have been hopeless trying
find what the issue is. The backup takes place every day in the night.
Let's say at 2am. Here is the situation :

On the IDM platform, there are among others:
- 2 SAP drivers: sap-dr1 und sap-dr2
- 2 AD drivers: ad-dr1 and ad-dr2

Backup n : sap-dr1 and sap-dr2 were stopped in the morning. ad-dr1 was
working fine but couldn't be stopped through imanager. We could restart
it using dxcmd but the driver wasn't working properly. We had to restart
edirectory (ndsd) to have it back on track
Backup n +1 : Same situation but with ad-dr2 instead of ad-dr1
Backup n+2: sap-dr2 stopped but all the other drivers were ok.
Backup n: OK

How could you explain that situation given that the platform stayed
almost unchanged between the backups? Is there something specific to do
before the backup to make sure it runs smoothly? Any idea?


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