Here's a really odd one. I had been running a beta build of Filr 2.0 (build 419) for the longest time because I was simply too lazy to upgrade to the release build. Tonight while troubleshooting an e-mail issue with my ISP, I decided to change the outbound e-mail server in the appliance config to Gmail and authenticate to it with my Gmail account. I then logged into the admin console to view the users so that I could clean up some external users and reshare after making this change. But oddly enough going to users in the admin console, not a single user was displayed! I went to LDAP sync, preview sync, and it showed one user from eDir would be added (someone who I thought should already be in Filr) and it showed two users would be disabled. I then tried logging into the web client as myself (an eDir user) and I could login a-ok, but I didn't see any files. On my laptop which has the Filr client installed I can view a folder that I had previously chosen to sync, but I can't see any other content.

Thinking maybe this was some weird bug with that old build, I upgraded to the release build (421) but there was no change. I've gone through and installed the security updates and hot patches but still no luck. I've also changed the outbound e-mail server config back but still no improvement. I could remove the two LDAP sources (eDir & AD) and all the NF & NF servers, but I really don't want to set all that back up again. Is there anything else short of an SR that can be done?