Customer running GW 2014R2.
Directory is MS Active Directory.
Have been working fine for a long time.
Before summer we upgraded from 2014 to 2014 R2.
After that we are having problem when publishing addresses to AD.
Scenario is like this:
Internet addressing and LDAP is set to publish preffered mailaddress.
New (or existing) user in AD. New user/mailbox is created in GW. Make assoiciation with the AD user. Works fine.
But checking in AD "Users and computers" shows address like this:
Looking in GWadmin, on user under GeneralTab, shows mailadress like this:

Trying to force sync. Same. Waitning several days, (if some nightly job would run).
If then we disassociate user with AD account, and after that associate again, the mail address publish and looks correct in both AD and GWadmin:

After this everything works fine. Disaccociate, associate, changing and so on.
Same if changing/disassoociate/associate an "old" user/mailbox. Works fine.

Looks like this only happens on new-created accounts.

Ideas? Bug?