I am currently having a problem installing the OES SP3 Client for Windows.

Anyone having this error ?

Here's the content of the NCIDebug.log

[SETUP] ERROR: RegOpenKeyEx for [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\Network Provider] failed; error 2.
[SETUP] ERROR: RegOpenKeyEx for [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\Network Provider\Credential Managers] failed; error 2.
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: Error code: 0x800f0203 Unknown error
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: Error code: 0x800f0203 Unknown error
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: InstallComponent() returning FALSE
[SETUPNCI.DLL] ERROR: NV_NVCLIENT install failed due to unknown error
[SETUPNC.EXE] ERROR: Install(NV_NVCLIENT, C:\Masters\NovellClient\netnvcli.inf) failed with abnormal error code -2146500093
[SETUP] ERROR: ""C:\NovellClient\Install\amd64\SetupNC.exe" /I NV_NVCLIENT "C:\NovellClient\netnvcli.inf"" returned -2146500093
[SETUP] ERROR: Installation of the Client failed.

It is a fresh Windows 10 installation with all updates applied ( note that i also had this problem on earlier version of Windows 10 )

Currently using version 1607.

I tried creating those registry values since they don't exist, but no luck either :(

Anyone ?