WS win10ent. 11.4.2 I am trying to get the GPO on the plugged in side set to
not require a password on wakeup. Not to sleep and not to turn off display.
Of the four the only two that work are the not to sleep and the display turn
off(sort of). The other two settings on the workstation don't change.
Require a password stays enabled and the turn off display stays at
10minuets. I presumed that since under display "turn off display after" did
not have the "never" option 0 would mean never. When applied the GPO with 0
the WS setting stayed at 10 minuets. But when I changed it to 600 minuets
the workstation changed to 12 hours as expected. I would rather have never.
The setting in the GPO "require a password on wakeup" that I have set to no
is also ignored. I could actually ignore this since I have sleep set to no
and that setting worked. any suggestions to get the setting for the display
to set to never off?