Greetings & Salutations to all...

If I create a document in Pages or Word on an iPad, and wish to save it to Filr, I can easy do this by doing the following, for example in Pages:

Tap Share -> Move to... -> (Select document) -> Locations -> Filr. I'm then prompted to enter my Filr password, and I can browse my Filr directories and save wherever I choose. A similar process exists in Word for iPad, and works flawlessly UNLESS the user turns on the pass-code lock feature within the Filr app.

There are certain members of our organisation who require the pass-code lock feature to be enabled, but doing so appears to break the described functionality. After progressing through the above sequence, when reaching the point where they select Filr as the save location, I would expect that they either get prompted for their Filr password as normal or perhaps their pass-code that they set within the Filr app. Neither of those things happen, and instead the user is just returned to the file browser inside whatever app they started in.

Has anyone else come across this? Should it be a feature request/bug report?

Thanks to all,