Hello All,

In a POC to configure NETIQ Advanced Authentication with NAM 4.0

I tried to add an Active Directory as the user repository in Advanced
I am sure that the ldap connection is successfull , but the users are
not synchronised to the AdvAuth Database.

If i click the full sync option , it displays a notification

Users processed 1, updated 0, removed 0
Groups processed 0, updated 0, removed 0
a few seconds ago

But i do not see the users added from the AD.
I do not see any errors in the log. the only message is

Aug 24 15:41:30 (UTC-0400) CEF:0|AAA|Core|5.0|405|Repository
configuration was changed|4|repo_name=TECHSTACK repo_type=LdapRepo

Not sure what am i missing here, Any suggestions ?


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