I installed EAS on RHEL7 after installing eDirectory and the IDM engine.
I used all the default options and got an error saying the installation
had completed but there were errors. Here is the install log:

2016.08.29 02:54:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] Installing into Default directory /opt/novell/sentinel_eas
2016.08.29 02:54:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] Installing as install
2016.08.29 02:54:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] END of setting defaults
2016.08.29 02:55:48 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] Begin
2016.08.29 02:55:48 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] END
2016.08.29 02:56:05 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] Using PostgreSQL port 15432
2016.08.29 02:56:05 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] modifying server.xml with PostgreSQL port: 15432
2016.08.29 02:56:05 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] ERROR modyfying server.xml with PostgreSQL port: 15432


I checked the permissions and they look fine. Any ideas?

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