I have two OES 2015 (not SP1) servers running in my VMware environment. I have restored one of the VMDKs from one server temporarily to another server and added it to the VM config. I ran rescan-scsi-bus.sh so that I wouldn't have to restart the server to pick up the new disk. I then tried nssmount for this volume (VOL2) but it said it couldn't find the volume in /etc/fstab. I tried mount -t nssvol VOL2 but that gave an error about wrong fs type, bad option, or bad superblock on VOL2. So then I added it to /etc/fstab and tried nssmount again. nssmount gave the same error as mount (wrong fs type, etc) then also returned error 32. Looks like error 32 is about missing LDAP objects? Since this volume on this server doesn't exist in eDir, do I need to do something with that well? I was hoping to just temporarily mount the volume to gain access to the data without making too many changes.