Hi All,

Originally running iPrint Appliance 1, but discovered that our server certificates had expired after receiving the errors:

Authorization Required.
Ipp Error: 0xF0191
Http Error: 401

Followed TID 7016720 but it did not solve the problem, we rec'd a different error, however did not proceed any further as we were planning on migrating to the updated appliance.

After the migration, printing services were fine, but once again iManager returned the same error when trying to configure/manage a printer.

We checked the server certificates and found that they were valid. We eventually decided to renew the certificates again as per TID 7016720, but it made no difference.

In additional to the original error, the appliance is also behaving the same as described in TID 7017887, RPC / 500 error at the appliance management screen. We weren't able to obtain the field test file (novell-iprint-mobile-2.0.0_FTF_985902-26.1.x86_64.rpm) as mentioned in the TID.

While searching for the file we came across TID 7017912 which referenced the same script as mentioned in TID 7017887, so we decided to download and run the script, but again no change.

What we have noticed is when accessing the appliance via https://IPAddress:9443 our 3rd party SSL certificate is recognised by the browse. After we login we receive the RPC / 500 errors, but the 3rd party SSL is still being used. When we switch to iManager, the local server certificate is present to the browser and fails as not secure.

Is this correct?

Or do we need to configure iManager with the 3rd party SSL certificate?

Any advice on what to do next is greatly appreciated. We are considering requesting a new SSL certificate.