Hi All,
Customer had has some issues with an OES 2015 server rebooting, and some corrupt user databases in Groupwise. On investigation we have found a few files in the Groupwise PO ofmsg directory with the extension msgxx.$er where xx is the msg database number. These files appear to be error files, and I think they are created by NSS, so wanted to confirm.

They contain the following info (example).

Logical File Number: 32001
Logical File Type: Domain
Level in B-Tree: 0
Block Address: 46321664
Parent Block Address: 33148928
Error Number: 34

Given the the backing storage is a highly redundant clustered SAN storage system, showing no errors, and if this is NSS I would guess it implies there is a bad block on the storage, which just show not be able to happen given all the error checking that this clustered array does?

All help would be appreciated.

Mark Currie