Hello everyone,

I have recently inherited responsibility of our young Zenworks infrastructure in a college environment. We've been having imaging performance issues in our progressive transition from multicast Ghosts to unicasts ZMGs. Short term, multicasting in our computer labs is not a solution. A couple of issues have come up. We have 3 primary servers virtualized in one campus and 1 satellite virtualized in a secondary campus but all are fiber linked. Only one primary server seems to be doing all the lifting so we're looking at redistributing roles and migrating primary servers to our secondary campus but this will come later.

Right now, I'm looking at our satellite server which has authentication, collection and content roles. We're just not sure it's actually helping distribute bundles in our secondary campus to offload our heavy lifting primary server. I can see it's at the top of the "Closest Servers For Roles" list on our agents so "location" seems to be working for our secondary campus. Here's what I can't figure out:

Some old and new content hosted on the satellite seems to be "unavailable" and I'm having a hard time understanding why other recent content's status is "available". The 3 primary server contents are all "available". "Content Type Replication" for "Default" type content is set to run daily at 1AM with a duration of 60 minutes directly on the satellite with no throttling.

Please see the linked images from my Dropbox:

  1. Why is it that some content is "unavailable" on the satellite?
  2. Is the short 60 minute duration to blame?
  3. What is the prefered method to find out where my content is coming from during bundle installations aside from Windows Resource Monitor?
  4. Can I switch my satellite's parent primary server transparently?

Thank you for your help