Here's a poser....

GMS 2.1.0 Build 230 SLES11sp4 dsapp 222

A user account was pulled into GMS from GW. Unfortunately, the user's last name was mis-spelled. We removed (and force-removed) the user and re-pulled her from GW. However, the mis-spelled last name persists in GMS. Her last name is correct everywhere I look in GW and AD. It seems that force-deleting a user in dsapp leaves some vestige in the Mobility database.

Is there someplace in GMS where I can really delete this user or fix her name?

I installed dsapp 239 last week but have not tried deleting the user using that version. dsapp v239 "GroupWise checks options" run against the user did not turn up any issues. I am upgrading to GMS 14.2.0 Build 279 later today.