I'm trying to add a new server to an existing tree, but when i run ndsconfig add command on my edir (which supports RHEL 7.2) i got an error: "stopping the service ndsd... Error: Cannot stop 'ndsd', stop manually.

So i tried to stop it manually but i get: "Sysvinit eDirectory system is not supported on this platform. Refer to documentation for eDirectory usage on this platform".

I went to the documentation and read that this is an expected behavior, and i must use "ndsmanage", but when i run "ndsmanage stopall" it says me "there are no instance configured" and thats ok because i couldn't add the server yet!

So the question is, what should i do to run ndsconfig to add a new server to a tree without problems on RHEL 7.2?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards!