I have spent a large amount of time scripting and enhancing my imaging process to speed it up as well as ensure it is efficient and less prone to errors. This was for Windows 7 Pro. The school system is now looking at making the move over to Windows 10 Education/Enterprise over the next year or so. I can move a lot of my process over to Windows 10, especially my scripting but feel it is time to start looking at other options. I have been looking at ENGL's option and actually requested a quote from them last week. I wanted to see if anyone here could provide any additional information on this type of move they went through and if they feel the ENGL purchase for ZCM Imaging is worth fighting for. I am hoping my current Supt. will see the value in it and sign off on it. I like a lot of what I see in the video's they have posted but without actually having the software loaded and play with it I am stuck. In my area, middle of Kansas, I am a lot further along with this type of process then the other schools, so have limited available references to how others are doing their imaging and deployments.

Currently this is my process for our computers.
1. Each summer all student laptops are re-imaged. That is around 500 to 600 devices depending on the class sizes
I have two low level tech's doing the work and what I feel should take about 3 weeks to complete is actually taking them both June and July to complete.
2. I am attempting to keep my base image thin and updated with MS updates on a monthly basis. I currently have two Images. One universal and one Dell (the dell is for driver issues I have yet to resolve)
3. I have started getting requests for Hybrid/2in1 tablet/laptop systems and already deployed Surface 3 tablets. They have been a manual process right now but am wanting to get this handled now before it is a major issues and takes up more time.
4. I am hoping that the image process continues to take less time overall. I have gone from a 4 to 6 hour image start to finish. To a hour and a half roughly. The move to SSD's helped with a lot of this. Streamlining the image process in my scripts also helped.

Any advice in general on how to improve or just change the image process to make things function better?
Is a move to ENGL as an enhancement something you now can't live without and something I can prove over time was worth the expense for the district?

Thanks for any advice.