We keep getting an issue with Groupwise Mobility 2.1 every so often. On top of the usual groupwise gripes.

Every so often a user who forwards an email with an attachment will get a previously attached attachment with the same name attached to the email rather than the one attached, (if that makes sense?)

For example

User 1 emails user 2 via Mobility with Attachment SalesV1.xls
User 2 edits SalesV1.xls and forwards to User1 who picks up email via Mobility. They get the correct file.
User 1 then forwards to User 3 via Mobility
User 3 will get the first version of SalesV1.xls whether it be via Mobility or Groupwise Client.

We have also had a similar issue where a user attaches an image call image.png and sends via mobility. When the recipient user gets this email they will also get other images call image.png from the mobility server

This is able to be replicated time and time again without failure.

Having looked at the dsapp attachment stats there is a clear mismatch between database filestoreid and file system filestoreid (is this correct?). With numerous duplicates (which I assume is to be expected)?

Do you have any idea how to fix this? It's only a matter of time before something critical is sent and acted upon before finding the information is for a previous version.