JonH67 wrote:

> Does anyone know how to troubleshoot or configuration to scan OES2SP3
> cluster resources? I've set up 2.6.1 as the scan capability matrix
> implies that MFR3 does not support scanning OES2 even with a proxy. I
> can scan Netware, I can scan OES2 local volumes via the proxy agent
> with no issues, but as soon as I do a scan on a cluster volume it
> shows a 220 the edirectory tree or server name could not be resolved
> or invalid error.
> I can select the resource as a proxy assignment, I can see the cluster
> volume as NSS in storage resources, I can select it as a scan target
> and create a scan policy exactly the same way as Netware or OES2 local
> volumes and it fails. I have checked the proxy users rights to the
> Cluster node, the cluster server resource and the cluster volume and
> it has Supervisor to all of them.
> Any pointers on how to resolve this would be great
> Thanks

File Reporter should be able to scan any OES2 volume clustered or not.
Please check your DNS and SLP resolution, also verify that within the
linux mount point attribute is configured in the eDirectory volume

If you're still having difficulties after performing these checks, I
suggest opening and SR.

Rich Lagger
Product Specialist.